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Contact Lenses

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FY Eye Optometry is able to offer any lenses from the manufacturer but specialize in a few we have found to be premium lenses in comfort and vision without the premium prices. One of our favorites is the Proclear, made of phsophorycholine, a substance found naturally in the human cell membrane. The use of this material results in a comfortable lens that remains moist, even while at the computer, and enjoys the FDA approval for "dry eye" patients.

The latest in contact lenses technology includes lenses such as:

  • Colored lenses
  • Astgmatism lenses
  • Disposables - 1 day disposables
  • Bifocal and Progressive lenses
  • Sport contact lenses - Yellow enhancer ideal for Tennis and Golf
  • Gas permeable lenses - Corrects severe Astigmatism and Kerataconus